July 2022 - we have available this lovely pair of castrated and naturally polled (so naturally hornless) male pygmy goat kids. They will be ready to leave us mid July 2022.  All parent stock can be viewed on farm. These kids are fully vaccinated, they come with full husbandry handover. They will be ear tagged and new owners will be shown how to feet trim, handover feed also provided. We provide new owners with our New Owner Pygmy Goat keeping guide, New Owner Pygmy Goat Health guide, Poisonous plant information, Essential Items, Discounts on Hay- Hutches plus we give our new owners the peace of mind that we can be contacted by phone 24/7 for any future goat emergencies. 
This pair of goats are available for £800.00. 
If you are interested in reserving this pair (or any future pygmy goat kids) then please telephone Claire on 07813 290 708.
New owners must have a CPH - please ensure you have this in place as this is a legal requirement to own goats. 

 We have 5* on our Animal Activity Licence issued by Braintree District Council under the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018.